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Daughters will gain stackable Traits the more they fight. Traits offer a variety of different passive bonuses, such as more experience after battle, or more damage to a specific enemy type.

Traits have an Unlock Probability (%), it can take multiple missions to trigger the trait even if the conditions are satisfied.

Daughters have no limit on the amount of traits they can have.

Note that one can hunt for specific traits at a given level by taking advantage of the Sacrifice mechanic. The sacrificed Daughter's experience is reset to zero of the same level.

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Traits[edit | edit source]

Name Modifier Description Unlock Probability Level Required Unlock Conditions Developer Confirmed ✓/✗/~
Agile Dodge +10% My child has become untouchable! 50% 1-5 Win a survival missions.

Aggressive Damage +50 From her first steps, she has led the fight against evil. 100% 1-1 Has to deal the most damage on her very first mission.
Arrogant Critical Damage +10%, Exp Gain -10% Taking no damage deceived her, she no longer wants to learn. 30% 1-5 Complete a mission without taking damage.
Aware End of Turn Delay +5 Out of the carnage she stepped, filled with wisdom. 5% 1-5 Win a mission.
Berserker Damage +30%, Dodge +30% Of all her sisters, it is the Blademaster who has learned to use her wrath. 10% 11-15 Blademaster Only -

have one of each class

Born Killer AP +10 I saw her move, carnage incarnate and untouched. 30% 11-15 Kill the most enemies and don't get hit.
Broken Bones HP -30%, Critical Damage +25% My poor daughter will never recover from her wounds. 1-5 Get below 15% HP

...from 100%

~ - Both values are false but these are the rights triggers

Level ✗

Broken Turn delay -10, Damage +20% Repeated losses have made her constantly fatigued. 20% 6-10 Complete Ritual missions.
Daredevil Gain a stack of this effect for each adjacent enemy Damage +20% She turns danger and risk-taking into bloody butchery. X% 1-15 Note(SecretAsianMan92) Conditions that I am able to remember: Blademaster, Completed a Rescue, was either level 4 or 5 not sure if I leveled up or not

No lvl restriction got it on my lvl 14 blade-master, was facing Surgeon. Just ran up to him and used all ap to kill him

Note: (SapperNothus) Received on my Blademaster. First mission. Closed to attack, went into burst mode, used Slash, then used Imbued Blade. Took damage before Imbued Blade killed him.

Defeated Push Resist +10%, Starting Initiative -5 It was too much for them, and now she suffers. 25% 1-5 Fail a mission.
Ethereal Frame Movement -1, +30 Armor She lost so much... she no longer has the same cohesion. 20% 1-5 Take the most damage during a mission.
Guilt-Wracked Critical Chance + 5%, Dodge - 10% Her inability to avenge her sisters has made her impotent. 6-10 daughter dies ~ Missing one condition

Level ✗

Hawkeye Damage +30% That experience gave her preternatural insight. 5% 11-15 Win a mission.
Humble Exp Gain +20% She did so much damage, but left the killing blow for the others. 30% 6-10 Deal the most damage, get the fewest kills.
Immortal HP +200 She became so brave, ready for the ultimate sacrifice. 1-5 Survive several missions with low health.

have low hp and dont get hit

Note: (James)

Acquired trait after 5 consecutive missions at < 10% hp.

~ It's getting closer, it's related to HP

Level ✓

Injured Damage +50, HP -200 Who could sustain such terrible damage? No one. 25% 1-5 Finish a mission with hp < 5%
Inquisitor Damage +30% vs Corrupted She knows the weaknesses of her corrupted sisters. 20% 11-15 Kill a certain number of Corrupted Daughters.
Killer of Nightmare Creatures Damage against nightmare creatures +20% None of the Nightmare Creatures can stand against her. 10% 6-10 Kill a certain number of Nightmare Creatures.
Leader All adjacent allies gain this effect. Damage +40% With authority and strategy, she will lead her sisters to victory. X% 1-10? Note(Arraquin) Received the trait at level 1. I used the Soulslinger to lock enemies in place and then backstabbing them with the Shieldbearer and Swordmaster. More testing needed.

Note(SecretAsianMan92) So far only my Soulsingers have obtained this trait. Also, level doesn't seem to matter because I have a level 15 that received it and a level 5 that received it.

Might have something to do with supporting. Obtained on a mission where I did nothing but Spirit Haste and Spirit Round.

~Note(bionerd) Might have something to do with procing other daughters attacks. Doesn't seem to be granted by spamming buffs (like spirit haste) on their own (20-40 tests of this with at least 10 uses per battle and no acquisition of the trait).

Martyr All adjacent allies gain this effect. Armor +50% Dodge +10% She has become a muse of war for all her sisters X? 6-15

Note(bionerd) Acquired at 7 Note(otherguy02) Acquired at 15

Scythedancer only

~Note(bionerd) Might have something to do with flanking or with getting the most kills.

Nimble Dodge +30% She dodged, she weaved, and nothing can touch her now. 20% 11-15 Dodge a certain number of times during a mission.
One with the Gun Critical Chance +10%, +10 AP My pride and joy! She has achieved true mastery. 100% 6-10 Soulslinger only - Complete mission without taking damage.
One with the Shield Health +20%, +10 AP My pride and joy! She has achieved true mastery. 100% 6-10 Shieldbearer only - Complete mission without taking damage.
One with the Sword Damage +20%, +10 AP My pride and joy! She has achieved true mastery. 100% 6-10 Blademaster only - Complete mission without taking damage.
Pensive Memory cost -20%

XP gain -10%

She failed to protect a bright soul, and now she has stagnated. 1-5 Bright Soul get killed in a Rescue mission. ~ Kind of right but not the right formulation

Level ✓

Plague Seeker Damage +10% vs Cultists This one, the minions of the plague shall fear her forever. 10% 1-5 Kill a certain number of Cultists.
Precise Critical Damage +25% She learned how to seek out the weak spots. 20% 11-15 Do a high number of critical hits during a mission.
Prodigy Critical Chance +10% She showed her elders how it is done. 50% 6-10 Do most kills ...while there are higher leveled daughters in the fight

Note(bionerd): A character can get this even if they level up to be the same level as the other characters used at the end of the mission.

Protector Armor +100% Rise, Shieldbearer, and protect those weaker than you! 10% 11-15 Shieldbearer Only -

have all 4 classes

Quick Study Exp Gain +30% From the very beginning she showed her abilities, now watch her grow!

[confirmation needed]

> 8 Do most kills on your first fight. ~ Related to killing enemies in first mission.

Level ✓

Resourceful +10 AP From certain defeat, victory. now she moves like lightning. 1-5 Blademaster Only-

End a Rescue mission with enemies still on the board. [confirmation needed]

Note: (James)

Received trait on a BM after full clearing a rescue mission (BM received no damage). The condition might be finishing a successful Rescue mission with a Blademaster.

~ Getting close - Related to rescue (Not BM only)

Level ✓

Sacrifice Trait Pool (Scythedancer) Timeline Starting Position -X, End of Turn Delay +X A remnant of _ lives on in her sister. 100% 1-15 Regenerate daughter by sacrificing a Scythedancer.

Modifiers scale with level of sacrificed daughter.

Overwrites previous Sacrifice trait.

Sacrifice Trait Pool (Soulslinger) Dodge +X%, Critical Chance +X% A remnant of _ lives on in her sister. 100% 1-15 Regenerate daughter by sacrificing a Soulslinger.

Modifiers scale with level of sacrificed daughter.

Overwrites previous Sacrifice trait.

Sacrifice Trait Pool (Shieldbearer) HP +X, Push Resistance +X% A remnant of _ lives on in her sister. 100% 1-15 Regenerate daughter by sacrificing a Shieldbearer.

Modifiers scale with level of sacrificed daughter.

Overwrites previous Sacrifice trait.

Sacrifice Trait Pool (Blademaster) Damage +X, Critical Damage +X% A remnant of _ lives on in her sister. 100% 1-15 Regenerate daughter by sacrificing a Blademaster.

Modifiers scale with level of sacrificed daughter.

Overwrites previous Sacrifice trait.

Shocked Push Resistance -30%, Movement Range +2% This one, forever marked by her failure. 15% 11-15 Daughter dies
Supple Timeline Starting Position -15, Movement +2 The Scythedancer reaps what her sisters sow. 10% 11-15 Scythedancer only -have one of each class on the team
Terrified Movement Range +1, AP -10 Alas, she has lost her nerve. Her future is uncertain. 6-10 Complete a mission with 1% HP.

[confirmation needed]

~ More than 98% :D - Also it's not needed to lose 98% in the same mission in case it's unclear

Level ✓

Terrifying All adjacent enemies gain this effect. Armor -50% Dodge -10% She inspires terror in the victims of her holy wrath. X% 1-5 Note(SecretAsianMan92) Variables that I am able to remember: Shieldbearer, Leveled up to Level 4, was on a hunt mission

Note(sd13467)but I get it :Shieldbearer,Leveled 1 to 2,was my first mission

Note(bionerd): Shieldbearer. Every time I've acquired it I've been stripping lots of armor from enemies and delaying them a lot.

~Note(bionerd) Level requirement is off, acquired at level 7. Maybe 1-10 or 1-15?
Unprotected Damage +20%, Armor -50% There and then, she lost the favor of the graces. 20% 6-10 Shieldbearer Only - Deal the most damage during a mission.
Unshakable Armor +100% No loss can break her 25% 11-15 Be the only Daughter to survive a mission.
Unstoppable Push Resistance +20% Around her feet, the remains of evil. In her mind, clarity. 6-10 Win a mission.

Level ✓

Veteran AP +10 All she has seen across countless fights has sharpened her senses. 100% 1-15 Complete 10 missions and take no damage.
Weak of Spirit Damage -20%. Critical Damage +15% This fight is ruthless, there is no room for clemency. 30% 6-10 Do no damage to monsters in a mission.
Wise Memory cost -40% Understanding her role, she positions herself perfectly. 10% 11-15 Soulslinger only -

have one of each class

Trait Trigger Types[edit | edit source]

Receiving traits is triggered by the following conditions:

  • HP Percentage
  • Critical Hits Number
  • Dodged Hits Number
  • Time Spent
  • Maximum Enemies Killed
  • Minimum Enemies Killed
  • Enemies Killed Number
  • Enemy Type Killed Number
  • Enemies Killed Number Nightmare
  • Enemies Killed Number Cultist
  • Enemies Killed Number Corrupted
  • Daughters Alive Number
  • Daughter Dead Number
  • Daughter Number
  • Daughter Rank
  • Daughter Shieldbearer Number
  • Daughter Is Shieldbearer
  • Daughter Soulslinger Number
  • Daughter Is Soulslinger
  • Daughter Blademaster Number
  • Daughter Is Blademaster
  • Daughter Scythedancer Number
  • Daughter Is Scythedancer
  • Maximum Damage Done
  • Damage Done
  • Maximum Damage Received
  • Damage Received
  • Minimum Experience
  • Mission First
  • Mission Complete Number
  • Ambush Complete Number
  • Mission Won
  • Mission Lost
  • Mission Type Destruction (Hunt)
  • Mission Type VIP (Escort)
  • Mission Type Ambush (Survival)
  • Mission Type Boss
  • Mission Type Ritual