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Here is the list of Skills you can unlock with the different Daugthers you can play in Othercide :[edit | edit source]

Blademaster[edit | edit source]

This doesn't include the base skills.

Lvl 2 : [edit | edit source]

Lightning Strike : On enemy ; Dash 5 tiles to deal up to x damage. Cost 30 AP

­Immovable Stance : On self ; React to an enemy finishing movement in melee range and deal up to x damage. Cost 5% HP

Lightning Strike
Immovable Stance

Lvl 5 : [edit | edit source]

Sidestep : On empty tile ; Jump to an empty tile in range. Cost 15 AP

Accepting Stance : On self ; React to a boost by dealing up to x damage to a target in front of her. Cost 5% HP

Accepting Stance

Lvl 10 : [edit | edit source]

Ghost Strike : On enemy ; Deal x damage and swap position with the target. Cost 30 AP

Menacing Stance : On self ; Deals up to x damage to an enemy taking damage. Cost 5% HP

Ghost Strike
Menacing Stance

Lvl 15 : [edit | edit source]

Blade Tornado : On tile ; Delayed attack. Deal x damage around the Daughter after 30 initiative units, then teleport and deal x damage around her again. Ends your turn.

Vengeful Stance : On self; Interruption. Cancel the first melee attack and deal up to x damage.

Blade Tornado
Vengeful Stance


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