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To defeat Suffering, the player can germinate Daughters. They have all basic melee/ranged attacks and several abilities. All the abilities requires reaching a specific level through combat Xp earn to be unlocked. As they reach a specific level, there are two different abilities available and the player has to choose one of them.

All the Daughters abilities have a mod slots that can equip memories (collected randomly during a battle and get more powerful progressing in the campaign).

Also matching specific conditions during battles, all Daughters can acquire traits. Those are always useful permanent bonus that remain, even if the daughter dies and get revived (equipped memories instead are lost).

To heal a Daughter you need to sacrifice an other one of the same or higher level. The first also will acquire a special trait based on the sacrificed class.

When a Daughter dies in a combat or has been sacrificed, they move from the player rooster to the cemetery, where they can be revived through revive tokens (some can be unlocked through the campaign and used through shards, others can be collected in rescue mission sacrificing at the end the Bright Soul).

Blademaster[edit | edit source]

Blademasters are Daughters that use powerful close-range melee attacks to defeat foes quickly, but have little in the way of defense.

Shieldbearer[edit | edit source]

Shieldbearers are Daughters that have a large health pool compared to the other Daughters. They use crowd-control abilities to defend themselves from attacks and to protect her sisters from them as well

Soulslinger[edit | edit source]

Soulslingers are Daughters that use long-range abilities that buff your other sisters or to deal deadly combos to your foes before they can attack

Scythedancer[edit | edit source]

Scythedancers are Daughters that use middle-range abilities to destroying enemies armor, empowering their own defense and damage during the battle. This Daugher is not available as the player starts the game for the first time. To unlock her, a certain amount of damage to the third boss of the campaign is required (around 50% of life lost to trigger her intro/unlock)

Bright Soul[edit | edit source]

These Daughters can be played only during rescue missions and won't be added to the player rooster. At the end of a successful rescue mission the player can choose if save the Daughter to earn some Vitae, or to sacrifice them to earn one revive token.

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